The rhythm of the seasons is the rhythm of our life at the Lakes.

Each season brings its tasks, and the staff numbers vary throughout the year. We live and work together. In summer there are many more visitors here, and so more staff. The following are our core members, you will meet them at the hut regardless of the time of the year:

•    Mietek – has been working with us since 1967, when he was employed by the grandmother of the current keepers. It’s impossible to overestimate his deep knowledge of both the hut-life and the mountains around. In particular, he watches over the growingly complex systems that keep the place running, like the hydroelectric power-plant and the water treatment system. He is also a great specialist on current weather and avalanche conditions.  Importantly for us, if anything needs getting done, he will know how to do it.
•    Darek – Is Mietek’s son, he has spent most of his childhood here. Now he works here as our chef. You have to try the Żurek (Polish sour rye soup) based on his recipe.
•    Krysia – Has been with us for 12 years now. If it’s not your first time at the Lakes, you’re bound to remember her professional attitude and her warm welcoming smile. You might also meet her during one of her wanderings around the valley, or on the dance-floor one evening in our dining room.
•    Wojtek and Jasiek – a brotherly duo no obstacle can stop. They are responsible for the tremendous task of getting all the provisions up the valley. Whatever you eat, drink, or sleep under in the hut, has been brought by them.
•    Justynka – in the hut since 2005. Member of the permanent staff. She is one of the few responsible for the preparation of Szarlotka (our hallmark apple pie dessert.)
•    Piotrek – Joined in 2010, and we knew he was going to stay for good. Calm and steadfast, he watches over the unseen parts of the hut, taking care of the numerous stockrooms and the pantry.
•    Michał – As a teenager he would often visit the hut. At some point he decided not to go back to Warsaw, where he originally comes from, and instead stay and develop his culinary skills. You’ll meet him in the kitchen most of the time, but he’s just as useful at any job. We like to dub him ‘our highlander straight from Warsaw’.
•    Marychna and Marta – sisters. Daughters of Andrzej Krzeptowski, for many years the keeper of the hut. The family have four generations of experience in running the huts in the Tatra. Although they have spent all their childhood here learning the ins and outs of hut-running they continuously strive to improve their service whilst retaining the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.