Ski and Mountain equipment rental.

We work closely with Tatra Trade, an equipment rental company situated at Rondo – halfway between the city center and the main entrance area to the Park and the mountains. This means you can rent everything from them or us and return it either to them or us. The benefit of this is that if you change your plans it is easy to change your equipment at either end.

Crampons                                           20pln/day     5pln/hour
Ice-axe                                               20pln/day     5pln/hour
Snowshoes                                          20pln/day     5pln/hour
Foldable Walking Poles                          15pln/day     5pln/hour
Crampons + Ice-ax                               30pln/ day   10pln/hour
Crampons + Foldable Walking Poles        30pln/day    10pln/hour
Touring Skis with skins                          50pln/day     15pln/hour
Skitouring Boots                                   50pln/day     10pln/hour
Touring skis with skins + Boots              80pln/day     25pln/hour
Touring skis withs skins+ Boots+ Poles   90pln/day     30pln/hour
Avalanche Beacon                                 20pln/day    10pln/hour
Avalanche Probe                                   15pln/day      5pln/hour
Avalanche Shovel                                  15pln/day      5pln/hour
Avalanche Set                                       40 pln/day   15pln/hour