Welcome to the highest situated hut in the Polish Tatras (1670m a.s.l.)

We have 67 beds in rooms of 2, 4, 7, 8, and 10. In the center of the hut lies a big, but very cosy dining area. You can either eat meals served by our kitchen, or use your own provisions. It is also a favourite meeting place.

Besides the kitchen, a bar sells soft-drinks, beer, and snacks. At a reception desk you can, additionally to confirming the reservation and paying for your stay, get souvenirs, maps and guidebooks. All three: the kitchen, the bar, and the reception are open from 08.00 – 21.00 with a break from 10.00 – 11.00.

Just left of the entrance to the hut you will also find the ‘tourists’ kitchen’, an area designated for those who chose to prepare their own meals.

You can rent winter-tourism and ski-touring equipment in the hut.

If you are aiming at acquiring new skills, or perfecting your mountain knowledge, you are sure to find something interesting among the courses prepared by the 5plus Mountain Academy.

If you decide to spend some time indoors after all, you will find a wide range of books, games  and videos prepared.

If on your day-treks you like to travel light, we will keep your luggage safe.

“Lakes” as we call it, is a true mountain hut, exactly because it lies in the heart of the High Tatras. There are plenty of walking paths to reach the place, but no road access. Since one really needs to walk to get here, we are safe to assume, that those who visit are true tourists. And it is always the guests who create the atmosphere of the place.

The hut, owned by the PTTK (Polish Tourism and Sightseeing Association,) was completed in 1954 as the fifth successive Refuge in the valley, but the first one to be situated by the Przedni Staw (Front Lake)